dmac Engineering

DMAC Engineering have a Highly Skilled and Experienced Engineering Team that has the Ability to Provide a Competitive Service which is Enhanced by the Quality of the Products We Offer. Leading Provider of Quality Fabrication Services

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DMAC Engineering is Renowned for their High-Quality Products, their Competent Skilled Workforce and their Valued Customer Supplier Partnerships.

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  • Welding


    At DMAC Engineering we understand the need for a Fast and Accurate Welding Service .

  • Pre-treatment


    Shot-Blasting gives an Overall Cleaner Finish and Allows for Better Adhesion of Industrial Coatings.

  • Coating And Finishing

    Coating And Finishing

    Our Surface Finish Quality is Carried Out to the Highest Standard Ensuring your Products Always Look Their Best.

  • Assembly And Kitting

    Assembly And Kitting

    Our Experienced Fitting Team can meet All Your Assembly Need

  • Transport


    Transportation is a Major Influence in Customer Satisfaction and with our Range of Fleet Vehicles we have something to meet Your Needs.


DMAC Prefab only use the Latest in Material Cutting and Folding Technologies to ensure their Customers receive the Highest Quality Product.

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  • Laser Cutting

    Laser & Plasma Cutting

    DMAC can cut complex shapes while maintaining an extremely high tolerance on anything from small to large scale production runs.

  • Press Brake Folding

    Press Brake Folding

    Whatever Your Folding Needs We Cater to a Variety of Industries Providing Both Simple and Complex Parts.

  • Plate Rolling

    Plate Rolling

    We have the capabilities to accurately roll steel and aluminium plate into full cylinders, cylinder segments, full cones, and cone segments

  • Sigma NEST

    Sigma NEST

    Ensures superior material utilization, machine motion optimization, and maximum part quality

  • Prefab Transport


    Transportation is a major influence in customer satisfaction and with our range of fleet vehicles we have something to meet your needs.

DMAC Engineering

DMAC Engineering was founded in 1993 by Declan McShane, and since then the company has went from strength to strength, emerging as one of Northern Ireland’s leading engineering companies to the quarry plant industry.

About DMAC
DMAC Engineering

Delivering results

DMAC Engineering Aims to be at the Forefront of Technology and has Invested Substantially in State of the Laser Cutting, Folding and Welding Machinery as well as its People, Facilities and Accreditations.

  • Experience and ability with our team of over 150 people
    Experience and ability with our team of over 150 people
  • Cutting edge facilities spanning over 150,000 Sq. Ft
    Cutting edge facilities spanning over 150,000 Sq. Ft
  • Quality Accreditations
    Quality Accreditations